Bankart Lesion

Bankart LesionA bankart lesion is an injury to a part of the shoulder known as the labrum. Your shoulder is made up of a ball and joint and the labrum is cartilage that provides a deep socket for the shoulder’s ball and joint. A bankart tear occurs when shoulder dislocation is in effect and the labrum is torn in the process.


What are the Symptoms?

Some of the popular symptoms are shoulder pain, constant dislocations, and irritability in your shoulders. People who are the most at risk are young people who engage in physical activities such as football, basketball or heavy duty construction work. When you visit the doctor for a diagnosis, he will perform an X-ray on you and may run some lab tests.

Surgical Treatment

Before you decide to get surgery to treat the injury, it is important to understand that most young people are highly likely to get repeat shoulder dislocations. However, as a person gets older, these chances decrease. This is one reason why some orthopedic doctors will only perform surgery on a young person one time. If you feel you need the surgery you should talk with the doctor for counsel.

Resuming Jogging Routine After Treatment

It is best to go jogging six to seven weeks after you get treatment for the injury. If you resume too early after you receive treatment, you could dislocate your shoulder again and have another tear. In addition, you do not want to run or move your arms too swift or hard as this causes shoulder pain.

Common Causes

Common causes of a Bankart lesion are falling on a stretched out arm, sports injuries, injuries sustained in an accident, a blow to the shoulder and arm by another person and or an object. When you engage in different physical activities, you want to be careful about how you perform them to prevent a an injury from occurring.

Your doctor is a good way to learn about the latest treatments and you can also read a few health magazine articles on the topic. If you are interested in attending a health seminar in your area that deals with joint health or sports medicine, attend the seminar and ask questions about the best ways to prevent it from occurring or reoccurring.


A Bankart lesion interrupts your daily life and it causes shoulder pain and muscle weakness but with the right treatment, it is possible to recover fully from the condition. You should start by giving the injured shoulder rest for the first few days then you can visit a physical therapist to help you improve your shoulder’s movements over a period of weeks. Finally you want to maintain a positive attitude during the recovery.