shoulder strain

Shoulder Strain

Many of us have felt the unpleasant and painful feeling of a shoulder strain. That throbbing feeling in your shoulder, indicating that something bad happened inside your ‘shoulder mechanism’ and makes moving the shoulder very difficult
fractured shoulder

Fractured Shoulder

Making the most out of your fractured shoulder is important so you can prevent future fractures if possible, but also learning how can you make your bones tougher – by eating right and exercising.
deltoid injury

Deltoid Injury

Treating a deltoid injury initially requires the prevention of movement of the muscle. The area also has to be iced in order to lower inflammation and swelling, as well as dull the sensation of pain. Apply ice to the affected area for fifteen minutes, and continue after every fifteen minutes on the first day of the injury. The next day, apply heat to the area in order to help the muscle recover faster.
repetitive strain injury

Repetitive Strain Injury: Causes and Treatment

A repetitive strain injury is an injury caused by repeatedly doing a certain activity or doing the same activity for a long period of time. It is common in people that carry out some manual repetitive work or people that work with computers.
ac joint injury

AC Joint Injury

An AC joint injury usually occurs as sports injury. The main reason for this injury is a fall on the shoulder, a direct fall on the arm, or a tackle. The first thing that happens with the ligaments in this case is stretching and then tearing.