fractured shoulder

A human bone is made out of one of the hardest materials out there, but because of our proportions and lengthy limbs, these bones have a tendency to crack rather easily. Fractures become complicated especially if there are some joints involved, making both the pain and therapy much worse. Usually, if you break a bone such as the collar bone, isolation of the upper arm area is vital to help the broken bone to heal back to its original form and strength. There exist traumas such as beginning stages of a completely fractured shoulder, where the bone got damaged longitudinally, lessening its hardness and therefore making it less resistant to stress.

Avoiding fracturing your shoulder

If you are reading this, you probably already have a fractured shoulder, so you are probably not interested in learning how to prevent it from happening. However, you also have another shoulder which might break as well if you do not follow some simple guidelines! To avoid getting your bones fractured by falling, it is important to know how to fall. There are actual schools that help people learn more about their bodies, making them have more control over their limbs. Learning how to fall is quite a task, and it requires a lot of experience, which will help you develop the instincts, as you really do not have much time to think about how to fall once you start falling. Feeling your position and considering options in such a short period of time is essential to make your fall feel soft and crack-free. You can start by simply watching some YouTube videos, where there are lectures free of charge from many martial artists from around the world. These people know how to properly fall, as it is a part of their training routine.


If you weren’t lucky, or were struck by a gigantic mechanized robot while standing, it is time to treat your fractured shoulder properly. This is done primarily by listening to your doctor and therapist, following their guidelines closely, without any deviations. These people went to schools to be able to help people in trouble, have a lot of experience so it is impossible for you to know what’s better for you. Your doctor will diagnose the severity of the fracture you’re suffering from and isolate the shoulder area with some bandages or however he finds it appropriate. There is a significant period of time before you will be able to remove the isolation of your shoulder and start attending physical therapy. In physical therapy, your shoulder will be constantly tested and checked for some new issues, if there are any. This whole treatment period, from the point where you’ve broken your shoulder to the point your shoulder is fully functional again can take up to one year if done properly. After this period, your shoulder bone should be as good as new.