Many of us have felt the unpleasant and painful feeling of a shoulder strain. That throbbing feeling in your shoulder, indicating that something bad happened inside your ‘shoulder mechanism’ and makes moving the shoulder very difficult. You may not know much about the medical condition itself and can’t describe it in medical terms, but you are aware that the feeling is awful and you want your should back to normal as soon as possible.

shoulder strain

In many cases, physiotherapists or chiropractors can discover a dysfunction of the moving system in the shoulder. The problem is usually located in the cuff muscles and it can cause many syndromes such as: bursitis (subdeltoid or subacromial and calcific), impingement syndrome, tendinitis as well as bicipital tendinitis. In these cases there is no apparent trauma. But, due to the specific functions of the shoulder, sometimes the tissues inside it can be hurt during some physical, both sport and leisure activities. Every one of those injuries should be treated by a medical professional, a chiropractor or a physical therapist. If the condition is not treated there is a serious risk of constant instability it may result with large difficulties in treating later on. People training contact sports, such as American football belong in the category of people that are more likely to have the condition. But, people who do not have proper physical activity may also suffer such as the elderly.

There are few symptoms and signs that might be considered serious indicators of shoulder strain. The sudden, sharp pain after an injury is a serious symptom. In such cases patients are usually aware that there is something wrong and decide to seek help immediately. A injure of the ligaments is also possible in such cases. Excessive use of your shoulder joints may also cause pain. In these cases, the pain is mild and not serious at first, but the condition gradually worsens till the patient is no longer able to move his/her shoulders. A clicking sound created whenever the shoulder is moved might be one of the symptoms.  In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, the bones and the joints suffer and may even be brought to the point of total dysfunction.

Treatment depends on the condition which caused it. There are few things you should know. When it is caused by a direct hit, the shoulder must not be moved in any manner, since this can only worsen the condition. Applying ice on the spot might help the injured and it may decrease the swelling. Rest is the answer in the cases of overusing the shoulder, but seeking medical attention is a better idea. Measures of precaution are always welcomed, and leave the medical treatment  to the health care workers.