Deltoid Pain

deltoid pain

How To Cope With Deltoid Pain

The deltoid refers is the muscle of the shoulder that joins collar bone with the shoulder joint. The deltoid muscle has an anterior part, middle, as well as posterior. Its function is to lift the arm from one side to another. Here, the front part allows the arm to move forward while the posterior part helps move the arm backwards. Deltoid pain occurs when this muscle is torn due to an injury. This condition mainly affects athletes which brings problems when one tries to lift heavy object. It causes tightness of the muscles and sometimes it will lead to swelling. It is advisable to seek professional help when you severely injure yourself on the shoulder.

Pain can be triggered by several factors. In many cases, this problem occurs as a result of overuse of the shoulder muscles continuously with no rest. This causes discomfort on the shoulder.  The other cause is when a forced unusual tightening of the shoulder muscle occurs. It is unusual for a direct painful blow to bring about a deltoid strain. There are various conditions of shoulder injuries that are confused with deltoid muscle pain. This is because they almost carry the same symptoms and it is hard to tear them apart. These include injuries like rotator cuff, biceps tendon, shoulder dislocation, shoulder fractures as well as soft tissue strain of the shoulder.

In order to treat the injury it is important to know how it occurred and the symptoms that the patient is experiencing. It is necessary to do a thorough physical examination. In some cases, someone with a deltoid muscle pain can experience palpation on the shoulder around the area of the injury. In extreme cases, the palpable defect is visible and can be felt by moving the hand around it. The skin around the deltoid muscle pain may change color and swell. This needs a series of tests to determine what treatment is required.

When the irritation is minimal the treatment is simple. In these cases, patients especially athletes undergo the sports injury treatment program which uses the P.R.I.C.E. code. This means protection, rest, icing, compression and evaluation. The patient will be put under anti-inflammatory medicines depending of the symptoms they show. In more serious injuries physical therapy is recommended. This will reduce the pain while improving on the mobility of the arm and sometimes certain activities are restricted. In most severe cases, surgery can be done to repair the torn muscle.

Deltoid pain can take a short while to fully recover but there are cases that it will take several months. Athletes can be able to continue with sports within a short time as long as the injury is not severe. They have to involve in exercises that are good for the shoulder in order to gain mobility. A medical sport professional or a physical therapist will be able to determine when an athlete can go back to full sports activities.