deltoid pain

Deltoid Pain

Pain can be triggered by several factors. In many cases, this problem occurs as a result of overuse of the shoulder muscles continuously with no rest.
trapezius pain

Trapezius Pain

Trapezius pain is caused by serious strain or injury around the neck muscles. This is mainly associated with increase in stress or strenuous work. This condition feels like a burning or throbbing sensation along the neck to the shoulder and it may be felt at the base of the head. In general, the trapezius is the muscles that assist in the support of upper body, shoulder blades and the neck. A person suffering this condition will feel pain and tightness in the neck muscles. Some people feel as though there is a knot on the back along the shoulder and
Milwaukee Shoulder Syndrome

Milwaukee Shoulder Syndrome

Milwaukee shoulder syndrome is a type of arthritis, a rheumatological condition that is not too different from the calcium prosphophate desposition disease.
shoulder arthritis

Shoulder Arthritis

Unfortunately, we are all at risk for developing shoulder arthritis with age. This pertains to the pain and limitation that will increase as we get older. If one has experienced an injury or a dislocation in that area it can lead to dealing with arthritis at an even younger age. Osteoarthritis is otherwise known as degenerative joint disease and this will take place when the cartilage covers the top part of the bones – this is known as articular cartilage. This will cause pain, swelling, and at times, bone spurs when the two parts of the bones maintain contact by
shoulder creptius

Shoulder Crepitus

  Shoulder crepitus is a type of arthritis where a cracking or popping sound occurs in your shoulder. One reason why you experience this is because your cartilages are worn and this causes them to operate poorly in the shoulder where the crepitus occurs. When you visit the doctor, he will ask you how long you had the cracking in your shoulder, where the cracking is occurring the most, if you have a history of joint or muscle problems, and if you are taking medicines for the joint problems you have. The different types of crepitus which are common in
shoulder grinding

Shoulder Grinding

Shoulder Grinding: Signs That You Need Shoulder Surgery One sign that you need shoulder surgery is when shoulder grinding occurs repeatedly following a shoulder injury. Shoulder grinding is when your shoulder makes an audible crunching noise. If this happens on a regular basis, it is time to visit the doctor so you can get immediate treatment such as surgery. When you explain the problem to your doctor, you should also mention other accompanying symptoms of your shoulder injury so he can determine if you need surgery. Here are other signs that you may need shoulder surgery. Severe and Unbearable Pain
collarbone pain

Collarbone Pain

Having collarbone pain is never a pleasant experience and is often followed by irritating sensation which is hard to deal with, since it is very hard to isolate the movements which can initiate the pain of this region. Coping with this type of pain is easy if you have the freedom to lie in your bed the entire day, but if you have a busy daily routine, some solutions are possible which will make this whole affair a lot easier to you, enabling you to do what has to be done. Causes  Considering that the human body is quite capable
shoulder popping

Shoulder Popping

Shoulder Popping: Causes and Relief One reason shoulder popping occurs is because of a shoulder injury due to an accident or because you overworked your shoulder muscles. If this is why your shoulders are popping, you should visit your doctor, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms of a shoulder injury such as severe pain, discomfort and difficulty in moving your arms. The doctor may recommend a few exercises for you to do and he may also prescribe some medications. Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is another reason why shoulder popping occurs. This is when the cartilage at the ends of the bones
shoulder tendonitis

Shoulder Tendonitis

As humans we have it in our nature to rely mostly on our arms. We often neglected being careful when it comes to the condition of our arms and we see our mistakes just when the pain arrives and it is inevitable. Shoulder tendonitis is one of the most common causes for shoulder pain and stiffness and it is a direct indication to the condition, as that there is usually a swelling of the area near our joint. This happens to a large number of people, so get yourself informed. Causes Shoulder tendonitis doesn’t come from nowhere and by doing
shoulder soreness

Shoulder Soreness

People travel, practice sports, and other activities that not always have a happy end. Sometimes there are injuries that can occur during these activities. Injuries can occur from car accidents, sports accidents, falling from high places. When injury occurs, every part of the body suffers and that is called body trauma. People can break legs, arms, palms, ribs, fingers, shoulder bones and many other parts of the body. They are all painful, but nothing compares to shoulder soreness. Although every part of the body is important, a sore shoulder is very painful and it takes much time for it to
aching shoulder

Aching Shoulder

What Causes an Aching Shoulder? A persons shoulder is made up of the following: humerus, glenoid, scapula, acromion, clavicle, and surrounding tissues.  There are also three important articulations of the shoulder joints, namely: the sternoclavicular, the acromioclavicular, and the glenohumeral.  It is the latter that is most likely to be dislocated. Aching shoulder is said to be a common symptom of tension, and the third most common cause of musculoskeletal consultation.  The main muscles affected by the pain are the traperzius and levator scapula that can easily be stretched gently for relief. It is a normal occurrence that as a
bench press shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain while Bench Pressing

Bench pressing is a compound weightlifting movement that exercises your arm, chest, and your shoulder muscles. This is a one of the most popular weightlifting exercises and can be found in practically any gym. Although its widespread popularity, bench pressing is one of the exercises that is most likely to cause a injury, potentially keeping you out of the gym for long periods of time. During bench pressing, there are three muscles which can fatigue and tighten, thus leading to discomfort. Shoulder pain is one of the typical side effects of doing this exercise, and can indicate an injury such as a muscle strain. What
shoulder stiffness

Shoulder Stiffness

There are a lot of people who are suffering from a stiff shoulder and shoulder pain. These pains may be the result of a shoulder condition, injury, or some other more serious problems. A person suffering from a stiff shoulder has decreased range of motion in their shoulders even when they are assisted, and this is a very discomforting condition since it prevents the person affected in performing even the simplest of tasks. However, it is very fortunate that shoulder stiffness, for the most part, is an easy problem to treat. There are a number of individuals who have achieved
swollen shoulder

Swollen Shoulder

        Pain in the shoulders, arms and hand is a common symptom in a lot of different conditions. It can be caused by a traumatic injury, some illness, arthritis etc. The doctor should make a diagnosis after it examines the symptoms more carefully and make a comparison with your age and gender. Swelling in the muscles is usually some kind of injury or strain, while swelling in the joints can be arthritis. The condition has to be diagnosed with precision because complications can occur. You have to treat the swelling of the shoulder and the other symptoms,
shoulder cracking

Shoulder Cracking

        Shoulder cracking can be a symptom of a rotator cuff tear. A rotator cuff tear is a condition when the rotator cuff is torn or injured. The tear can be full thickness tear or a partial thickness tear. If the tendon is totally torn, we use the term full thickness rotator cuff tear. If the tendon is not totally torn, we use the term partial thickness tear. Shoulder cracking as a symptom of a rotator cuff tear The occurrence of a rotator cuff tear may happen suddenly or it can be a consequence of something else
shoulder inflammation

Shoulder Inflammation

We are all aware that we must keep our health and always perform regular health checks. Health can be endangered by many causes like diseases, injuries, inflammation of muscles and organs that can become more serious if they are not treated in time. Medicine nowadays is highly developed and provides treatments for all health problems that can occur. Doing sports can significantly lower the possibility for health problems. That is why doctors advice people to do sports. However, that is not the case with being a professional athlete. Athletes are subjected to many injuries and inflammations of muscles and bones.
Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific Tendonitis

Description and causes Calcific Tendonitis is caused by calcium deposits within the rotator cuff tendons. These 1-2 cm of calcium deposit are usually common between the age of 30-40 years, especially among diabetic patients. These calcium deposits leads to a feeling of pressure on the shoulder tendons and cause chemical irritation, which results in pain. Calcific Tendonitis is very common condition in the shoulder. Though calcium build ups are severe amongst the age group between 30-40 years, it does not mean the risk of this disease is less after the age of 40. It may occur in people beyond that