Having collarbone pain is never a pleasant experience and is often followed by irritating sensation which is hard to deal with, since it is very hard to isolate the movements which can initiate the pain of this region. Coping with this type of pain is easy if you have the freedom to lie in your bed the entire day, but if you have a busy daily routine, some solutions are possible which will make this whole affair a lot easier to you, enabling you to do what has to be done.

collarbone pain


Considering that the human body is quite capable of taking an abuse without any consequences, there are a lot of cases with humans lately where the constant daily routine makes bones brittle and more prone to injuries. One of the more often causes of pain is sudden stress when doing sports and falling clumsily, especially if the sport event is one of those one-per-year office parties. Sports should be done more often, at least three times per week, ensuring your body from these clumsy injuries because you will be ready and warmed up at any time. If you are employed in an office and spend most of your day sitting down, the constant stress on your shoulders is significant, because your hands are probably hanging down your shoulders, and this can also initiate the pain since this is the bone which connects your shoulders to your neck. If dealing with this kind of cause, you are probably experiencing frequent neck pain and headaches, and this means you need a new routine to help you cope. Everyone has time for a five minute stretch which can reset your body and bones, decreasing the risk of any pain appearing by a significant margin.


Your collarbone pain can be treated with regular massages if the cause is a smaller trauma or stretch and usually these massages feel extremely relaxing. If you’re suffering from this kind of pain in your collarbone, look no further than massages and regular stretching, but be cautious about stretching, don’t perform any sudden moves or rotation which could make your collarbone pain feel even worse. Consult your doctor if you are feeling sharp pain in your shoulder area since further treatment might be necessary, sometimes even operation. Keep in mind that your collarbone constantly carries a lot of load and therefore proper care is necessary to keep it functional. Changing your daily habits can be considered to be the best solution in the long run, since implementing more exercise into your daily routine and proper stretching every couple of hours will decrease chances for you to feel collarbone pain.

If you’re interested in learning the medical aspects of collarbone pain, by learning more about your joints or the collarbone itself, consult Wikipedia, you will find a lot of useful information there which will help you understand the condition in detail. This might motivate you to find some solutions to stop the pain you’ve been experiencing all these years and prevent it from reoccurring again.