Unfortunately, we are all at risk for developing shoulder arthritis with age. This pertains to the pain and limitation that will increase as we get older. If one has experienced an injury or a dislocation in that area it can lead to dealing with arthritis at an even younger age. Osteoarthritis is otherwise known as degenerative joint disease and this will take place when the cartilage covers the top part of the bones – this is known as articular cartilage. This will cause pain, swelling, and at times, bone spurs when the two parts of the bones maintain contact by rubbing together.

shoulder arthritis

What is the Shoulder Made of?

The AC and the glenohumeral joint make up the shoulder. The point where the collarbone meets is the AC, and that is at the tip of the shoulder blade. The other is where the top of the arm bone meets at the scapula. This type of arthritis is most often found within the AC Joint. Shoulder arthritis will most often occur in those who are over the age of 50 and in those who are at a younger age it is mostly the result of an injury, and this is something that is also hereditary.

As it is with most types of arthritis, pain is the most common symptom and an individual who is dealing with it in this area will undergo most of their pain while they are moving their shoulders. The person can also endure this pain while they’re sleeping. There is another symptom that could also be a limited range of motion, and this is where the limitation can be when you are attempting to move your arms. If someone else is moving your arm to look at the range of motion, it can also be quite evident. Moving the shoulder area may produce an odd noise that sounds like clicking or creaking as well.

In order to diagnose this type of osteoarthritis the doctor has to look at your medical history and then do a physical exam so that they can see how much loss of motion there is, as well as how much pain and tenderness you feel in those areas. At this point, the doctor will analyze whether or not there are signs of weakness or atrophy as a result of lack of use.

Shoulder Arthritis Treatment

The very first treatments of this will include osteoarthritis within the shoulder, and this does not involve any surgery. The resting from the shoulder joint could very well mean that the person with arthritis has to change the way that he is moving their arm throughout the day. That person may need to put on clothing which zips up the front of their clothes.

It may also be required that they take an over the counter anti-inflammatory drug such as aspirin or ibuprofen. This will help to reduce the amount of pain and inflammation. It’s important to check with your doctor so that you can make sure these drugs are taken safely. When you are performing a range of exercises assigned by them, it is so that you can increase your flexibility during the process.