shoulder creptius

Shoulder crepitus is a type of arthritis where a cracking or popping sound occurs in your shoulder. One reason why you experience this is because your cartilages are worn and this causes them to operate poorly in the shoulder where the crepitus occurs. When you visit the doctor, he will ask you how long you had the cracking in your shoulder, where the cracking is occurring the most, if you have a history of joint or muscle problems, and if you are taking medicines for the joint problems you have.

The different types of crepitus which are common in joint pathologies are:

  1. Joint crepitus
  2. Bone crepitus
  3. Crepitus of tenosynovitis
  4. Crepitus of bursitis

Rotator Cuff Tear and Crepitus

A rotator cuff tear is another cause of shoulder crepitus. The rotator cuff is one of four shoulder muscles in the upper shoulder area. Other symptoms of rotator cuff tear include shoulder pain, lack of movement in the shoulder, and swelling. You can treat rotator cuff tear by getting physical therapy, getting hydrodilatation, or taking anti-inflammatory medicines.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

This is a treatment that some patients get for shoulder crepitus and other shoulder problems. Arthroscopy is a procedure where the doctor places small cuts with the help of a camera to see where he is making the cuts in the shoulder joints. With arthroscopic surgery there is not a lot of tissue damage and you are not likely to get infections from it. After the shoulder anthroscopy you want to get rest so that you will not put stress on your shoulder.

Aloe Vera for Treatment

If you have shoulder problems, you can drink aloe vera juice or apply aloe vera-based muscle rub to the injured shoulder. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory qualities and it contains vitamins E, C, B and minerals such as zinc, magnesium and calcium, which is helpful in rebuilding joint muscles and giving you strong bones. Aloe vera also repairs damage of your cells’ tissues.

Herbs for Treatment

Shoulder dislocation is a common cause and after you receive treatment and physical therapy, you can use natural remedies as part of the healing process. You want to stop all strenuous activities or intense workouts so the shoulder will heal. Another thing you can do is use both a cold and hot compress and put it on your shoulder for about twenty minutes every few hours.


Shoulder crepitus is a slightly irritating condition but with treatment it is possible to recover from it. If you are interested in an alternative way of treatment, you can visit a natural health food store and ask the salesperson ways you can treat the condition. When you recover from the crepitus, you want to avoid the actions that caused it such as poor posture, lifting items the wrong way or overusing your shoulder muscles. Finally, it is necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and take medications according to the package directions to avoid an overdose.