Shoulder Grinding: Signs That You Need Shoulder Surgery

One sign that you need shoulder surgery is when shoulder grinding occurs repeatedly following a shoulder injury. Shoulder grinding is when your shoulder makes an audible crunching noise. If this happens on a regular basis, it is time to visit the doctor so you can get immediate treatment such as surgery.

When you explain the problem to your doctor, you should also mention other accompanying symptoms of your shoulder injury so he can determine if you need surgery. Here are other signs that you may need shoulder surgery.

shoulder grinding

Severe and Unbearable Pain

This is the most common way of finding out if you need shoulder surgery or not. When your shoulder pain becomes so severe that you struggle to perform daily tasks, then you should not put further strain on your shoulder or try to fix the problem yourself but instead talk with the doctor to get his opinion of the need for surgery. On the other hand, if your shoulder pain is minor, you may not need surgery but rather some medication, herbal treatment and some hours of rest.

What About Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Shoulder replacement surgery is when a surgeon removes the damaged bones of the upper arm, and replaces them with plastic or metal devices that serve the same function as the regular shoulder. One benefit of getting shoulder replacement surgery is that you experience less pain in your shoulder and you may not be able to move your shoulder as far as you used to before the shoulder problems started. If you experience only shoulder grinding, you may not be a candidate for the surgery. However, if you have this symptom along with severe pain, cartilage loss and in good physical shape overall, then, the doctor will allow the surgery to be done for you.

What If The Doctor Tells Me That Shoulder Surgery Is Not Necessary?

You may feel you really need shoulder surgery due to your constant grinding but if your doctor denies you the surgery, you should seek out other options. Physical therapy is an excellent way to treat minor shoulder problems. When you enroll in physical therapy you will do arm circles, shoulder raises and rotations, and shoulder lifts. If you do these exercises twice a day during the time of your physical therapy, the grinding should cease. Some shoulder injury sufferers who do not need surgery also get injections to reduce shoulder injury symptoms while others get prescription drugs.

Learning About Corrective Shoulder Exercises

If you cannot afford physical therapy and you do not want a major shoulder surgery, here are ways of learning about at-home corrective shoulder exercises you can do. You can read a few free brochures on the topic at the local free clinics and another option is to talk with others who used these exercises to reduce symptoms of minor shoulder problems. If you are attending a joint health seminar, it is necessary to ask the guest speaker about ways to naturally heal shoulder problems.


When you get the best treatment for your shoulder problems, you are better able to perform daily tasks and you will be in less pain. After you get surgery, physical therapy or the other above mentioned treatments, look for ways to put less strain on your shoulders. For example, if you lift a lot of heavy objects improperly, you should research the different ways through which you can lift objects in a less strenuous way. Finally, make sure you get plenty of rest in between tasks since this is good for the shoulder.