We are all aware that we must keep our health and always perform regular health checks. Health can be endangered by many causes like diseases, injuries, inflammation of muscles and organs that can become more serious if they are not treated in time. Medicine nowadays is highly developed and provides treatments for all health problems that can occur. Doing sports can significantly lower the possibility for health problems. That is why doctors advise people to do sports. However, that is not the case with being a professional athlete. Athletes are subjected to many injuries and inflammations of muscles and bones. Shoulder inflammation is one of the problems athletes usually develop while doing their sports activities.

shoulder inflammation

Shoulder inflammation Symptoms

Today it is very easy to recognize if you suffer from shoulder inflammation. It develops symptoms like swelling, some small fever with body temperature of approximately 38 degrees, pain in the shoulder, the arm is weak and cannot move, there is redness around the shoulder and some other symptoms. These symptoms can be noticed and you must do something before it is not too late. Asking for help from orthopedics doctor or physical therapist could be helpful in the early stage of the inflammation. They could propose home treatments with exercises or some medications until the inflammation decreases. After that, some exercises should be performed, because the arm and shoulder must regain its force.


People usually treat shoulder inflammation at home by using some medications, rest, or simple exercises. The pain in the shoulder is great and the treatment begins with some rest, until the pain goes away. While you rest, it is good to place some ice on your shoulder. When the pain is decreased or gone, try to stretch the arm behind you or exercise by reaching objects in high places. Buy yourself a sling for the shoulder and keep the arm inserted in it. This prevents movement of the arm, because it is not advisable to move the arm frequently. Drink some anti inflammatory medications like panadol, ibuprofen, aspirin, ketoprofen, naproxen or other painkillers. These medications are useful, but it is not advisable to use them frequently. There are some regimes how much you can rest and use ice on the shoulder. Typically, the ice can be applied up to five times a day, and each time it has to be used for about twenty minutes. These treatments have proven to be very successful in many cases, but there are some cases that ended in surgery. Surgery is the last thing that should be done, because inflammation is not considered to be very dangerous.


It is advisable to perform some exercises, but you have to be very careful. It is recommended to exercise several times a day in small periods of approximately 5 minutes. Some of the exercises that are good for the inflammation are arm swings. Try to stretch the arms behind and in front of your head and perform circular rotations. The next exercise is the one-arm reverse fly, and the deltoid and rotator cuff exercises. All of these exercises are approved by experienced medical professionals.