shoulder poppingShoulder Popping: Causes and Relief

One reason shoulder popping occurs is because of a shoulder injury due to an accident or because you overworked your shoulder muscles. If this is why your shoulders are popping, you should visit your doctor, especially if you are experiencing other symptoms of a shoulder injury such as severe pain, discomfort and difficulty in moving your arms. The doctor may recommend a few exercises for you to do and he may also prescribe some medications.


Osteoarthritis is another reason why shoulder popping occurs. This is when the cartilage at the ends of the bones gets worse and do not function well. Your doctor will prescribe medications to relieve the pain. Some doctors may also refer you to a physical therapist or if it is worse than normal, you may have to get surgery.

Other Causes

An inflamed muscle is one reason why some people’s shoulders pop and if your shoulder’s ligaments are out of place, your shoulder will pop. Those who practice poor posture on a regular basis are also at risk of having their shoulders pop frequently.

Fixing a Dislocated Shoulder When It Pops

Here is how you should fix a person’s dislocated shoulder if you are not able to get her to the nearest hospital or if the injury is not very bad. First you want to have her lying down and make sure her upper arm is in rested position. After you do this, you will need to bend her elbow at a 90 degree angle and you also have to rotate her arm and shoulder inward, then rotate them outward. Keep doing the previous steps until her shoulder is back in its’ proper place.

Stiff Shoulders

Another reason why your shoulders are popping may be because your shoulders are stiff. To relieve the problem you should heat some water in a small pot or small bowl in the microwave then stick a towel in the water before draining it. Once you do this you will need to apply it to the stiff shoulders and the popping should decrease it. Another option is to take a few drops of essential oil and rub it on your shoulders after you put the warm compress on it. It is necessary to do side-to-side neck exercises and arm circles as these reduce stiffness in your shoulders.

Rotator Cuff Problems

One cause of shoulder popping is rotator cuff problems. Your rotator cuffs are the bones that make up your shoulder and when there are issues with these, your shoulder may pop a few times. Your doctor may tell you to cut back on strenuous activities if you have rotator cuff problems and if this shoulder feels weaker than the other, than your rotator cuffs do not work well. If lying in bed seems difficult to do and your shoulder still pops frequently, then you are experiencing rotator cuff problems.


When your shoulder pops a lot due to the above mentioned shoulder problems, you want to see the doctor because he can tell you what the real issue is and how the problem can be solved. Mention specific symptoms of your shoulders and if you have certain allergies, you should let the doctor know before he prescribes medication. Finally, put less stress on your shoulders during the time of your recovery.