shoulder soreness

People travel, practice sports, and other activities that not always have a happy end. Sometimes there are injuries that can occur during these activities. Injuries can occur from car accidents, sports accidents, falling from high places. When injury occurs, every part of the body suffers and that is called body trauma. People can break legs, arms, palms, ribs, fingers, shoulder bones and many other parts of the body. They are all painful, but nothing compares to shoulder soreness. Although every part of the body is important, a sore shoulder is very painful and it takes much time for it to heal properly. However, pain in the shoulder can occur from many other reasons, and physical therapy can solve the problem. People can also exercise at home to relieve their pain.


One of the main reasons for shoulder soreness is of course an injury. It does not matter what kind of injury occurred, the pain in the shoulder is very big and some people cannot stand it. They ask for medical treatment to solve their problem. In case when an injury did not occur, the pain in the shoulder can come as a result of tendon soreness. It is a cord that attaches the muscle to the bone. The other reason that can result in a sore shoulder is feeling pain in the subacromial bursa. All of these come as a result to increased sports activities, painting, and other reasons.


The best way to heal shoulder soreness is to consult an experienced medical expert or physical therapist. If the soreness is not serious, then they will propose some exercises just to stretch out and strengthen the muscles around the shoulder bone. In this article, we will try to provide some of these exercises that can be conducted at the comfort of your home. Before performing these exercises, it is advisable to take some ibuprofen and naproxen, which are known as muscle relaxers. You can even apply ice on your shoulder. Wait for a moment for the pill to react, and then start exercising. The first exercise you should do is the so-called range of motion. Place yourself in a standing position and lean over so you can see the floor. Keep your back in a straight position. Do some circles with your sore arm for about 5 minutes. The next exercise is called rotator cuff strengthening. Tie a rubber band on the doorknob and around your ankle. Stretch the rubber for 5 series of ten stretches per series. If you perform these exercises for a period, then you will feel some improvement in a quick time. After you have felt improvement, try the next exercise. Find a plastic bottle of 1.5 liters, lay down on your side, and exercise your sore arm ten times a day.


All of the previous mentioned exercises for shoulder soreness can be found on many websites specialized for physical therapy. All of them are for free, and performing these exercises could bring a great result. However, first of all, you need to examine the condition of the shoulder, before you start with the therapy.