trapezius pain

Trapezius pain is caused by serious strain or injury around the neck muscles. This is mainly associated with increase in stress or strenuous work. This condition feels like a burning or throbbing sensation along the neck to the shoulder and it may be felt at the base of the head. In general, the trapezius is the muscles that assist in the support of upper body, shoulder blades and the neck. A person suffering this condition will feel pain and tightness in the neck muscles. Some people feel as though there is a knot on the back along the shoulder and it is tender when you move your hand over it.

Most of the daily activities that one is involved in can bring about this condition. In situations where one has to work on a computer the whole day in a poor posture can result to this problem. The computer desk should be aligned well to allow you to sit in a relaxed posture all the time. People who do a lot of work in repetitive motion do not give room for muscles to rest thus causing pain. When the trapezius is not in the right place, the muscles can stretch and tamper with oxygen and blood flow around the muscles. Regardless of the kind of work you do whether breastfeeding, sleeping, carrying heavy handbag always among other things ensure you are in a good posture.

Discomfort can be easily dealt with by having lots of exercises that center on buildingĀ stronger neck muscles. Upper body exercises, such as the Upright Row can help build strength in those muscles. There are also some very good yoga moves that can help strengthen the neck muscles, thus avoiding this problem. It is recommended to have the pain reduced by seeing a physician before taking part in any exercises. Stretching exercises are also very good in overcoming any discomfort. What is necessary is to use the stretching exercises and tools that are more beneficial to the neck.

Soreness on the neck can be easily toned down by a simple massage. You do not need a specialist to do a massage since there are simple methods you can do at home. For instance, the trapezium muscle feels like sore and tender knots on your back. These can be massaged easily and softly without hurting yourself. Once you are able to locate the trapezium muscles it is easy to massage from the neck while kneading softly. This will offer you relief within a short while.

When dealing with trapezius pain, it is good to apply pressure along the shoulder blades. The areas that are more tender it would be better to massage them more. These simple exercises and massages will definitely relieve a lot of pressure from the body. Stretching your body from side to side while keeping your neck stable will help you a lot.