In interferential therapy, the doctor applies a low level electric method using a special device to apply to areas of the body that experiences intense pain. The device in this therapy reduces swollen tissues on the inside of the body that cause inflammation and pain.

Interferential Therapy

Athletes and others who undergo this treatment often get it for muscle spasms, muscle pain, strains and other chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia.  The doctor applies small amounts of electric impulses to the skin, and this releases endomorphins that reduce pain.

Common Benefits 

The primary benefit is that it relieves pain in the body. This kind of therapy delivers pain signals to your brain and it blocks transmission signals of pain through the prevention of inflammation in the body. As for permanent results, it slows down the progress of muscle wasting in the body, improves blood flow in the inflamed areas of the body, repairs damaged tissue cells, and speeds up healing from joint injuries. This therapy is non-invasive and does not come with painful side effects.


If the doctor does not do a good job in administering the therapy , he could burn your skin during the process. This could take layers off the skin. Skin bruising is another risk of getting the therapy if the doctor does not do it the right way. Before you get this therapy you want to ensure that  the doctor is licensed and trained in it.

Locating A Good Doctor for This Treatment

When researching doctors for this treatment, you want to verify that he is certified and licensed to practice this therapy. You can read reviews in local health academic journals of doctors who offer interferential therapy to patients and look at what the reviewers wrote about the quality of the treatment, customer service and price. It is a good thing to talk to friends who received this treatment and ask for recommendations.

If you are pregnant, have a pacemaker in your body, or are epileptic, you should not get this therapy because it could cause negative or even fatal side effects. Before you get the therapy, you should get cleared with the doctor first.


In a day when you will find numerous medications on TV commercials that claim to offer temporary or permanent relief from muscle pain or other types of disorders, it is good to know that there are alternative therapies that offer equal if not better treatment for your illnesses. In recent years there has been an increase in the desire for natural remedies and interferential therapy is one of these remedies.