Causes and Prevention for Pain While Throwing

The shoulder is one of those places in the human body that suffer from a lot of injuries due to a number of factors. Since it is a mobile joint it is more likely to get affected by resultant sports that requires swift or heavy hand movement and largely all activities need it. Especially when it comes to throwing a ball, javelin or the disc, there is tremendous pressure on the shoulder.  The weight of the ball or the disc and the intensity with which it is thrown is what requires a lot of stamina and in turn it also hurts the shoulder which has to bear the weight and the pain. These heavy overhand throwing activities are what causes the most pain while throwing.

Pain While Throwing

Sports and related Activities

Athletes playing baseball, volleyball, cricket and tennis are the ones that suffer specifically from injuries and pain while performing overhand activities. Nonetheless there are other players as well who are at the risk of such pain. Repeatedly performing these overhand activities can lead to prolonged experiences of pain. There are several ball throwing methods that can save you from injuries as well as prevent them. However it is understandable that while in the heat of playing the game, it is difficult to keep track of the specific hand movement, but is it necessary to do so because on the field, these are the only tricks that can save you from pain and injury.

Common Injuries

The SLAP (Superior Labrum Anterior to Posterior) injury is one of the most common types of injuries that you can suffer from. Pain or a locking sensation can be felt from this injury and can occur on the front or back side of the shoulder. Bicep Tendinitis is another inflammation and tear of the tendons that can be caused due to repeated movements. The tendon tear can usually be understood because it is accompanied by a snapping noise and extreme pain. Rotator cuff issues are another common injury that can happen due to overworking the shoulder. Shoulder impingement is also a very common cause of pain due to the constant rotator cuff movements. Apart from these, Scapular Rotator Dysfunction and Glenohumeral Internal Rotation Deficit are the ones that can result in internal damage and pain.


There are few preventive techniques to make sure that these injuries can be avoided. There are five stages of ball throwing techniques, of which the late cocking and the follow-through phases are the major ones that cause the most number of injuries and accidents placing a lot of pressure on the shoulder. However, acceleration, early cocking, and wind-up are the techniques that can actually prevent the resultant injuries and puts less pressure on the shoulder keeping it stable and firm, without having to put too much on the shoulder and use it more than required.
Therefore apart from these simple preventive techniques and methods there is the obvious medical treatment that you can receive in case the pain is too much to bear and has caused injuries that require attention. Nonetheless it is very much possible to prevent these injuries and be pain free while playing.