Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

pinched nerve in shoulder

Have you ever experienced a pinched nerve in your shoulder? This is always a serious condition. The shoulder has several nerves and when some of those nerves are pinched, it causes discomfort and pain in your shoulder. There are eight cervical vertebrae nerves that are attached to the shoulder and each nerve has different functions. The C5 nerve is the nerve that when pinched, may cause bad shoulder pain and numbness in the shoulder, and as a result it becomes hard to move your arm properly. The C6 nerve is another nerve in your shoulder that when pinched, you will experience tingling sensations up and down your arm as well as pain. If you pinch your C8 nerve, you may experience discomfort in your shoulder, arms and even your fingers.

Natural Remedies for a Pinched Nerve

You can combine a paste of honey and cinnamon to relieve your shoulder’s pinched nerve because it treats although not eliminates the pinched nerve. This paste alleviates some of the intense pain of the pinched nerve. Another option which can greatly help you is to take a hot bath each night and apply a warm compress with the bath water to the area of your shoulder that hurts the most. Sometimes you get a pinched nerve in your shoulder because you are lacking in certain minerals and if you increase your intake, your shoulder will get better. Calcium is important for joint health so you can take calcium supplements and eat calcium-rich foods such as leafy greens and dairy products. Potassium supplements also help.

Getting Proper Rest

One thing you should do is avoid heavy physical activity when you injure your shoulder’s nerve and another thing to do is apply an ice pack to your shoulder so you will sleep better. It helps to take two ibuprofen pills every five hours as this helps you fall asleep with less pain when you have a pinched nerve in the shoulder. Right before bedtime you can also do some arm stretches and circles if the pain subsided after using the above mentioned remedies.

Pinched Nerve Prevention

One of the best ways to keep pinched nerves from occurring is to lift heavy boxes properly, and to do this you should lift using the weight of your legs, feet and arms instead of bending your back to lift heavy items. It also helps to trim excess pounds from your body because when you lose weight, there is less strain on your shoulders and other spinal parts of the body. You should stretch your neck, shoulders, back and arms periodically for ten to fifteen minutes if you spend the whole day working at the computer. Practice better posture by standing with your head, chest and back straight up.

Common Treatments for a Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

You should get a few hours or at least a full day of rest if you are experiencing a pinched nerve in your shoulder and you can wear a neck collar while resting to relax your shoulder muscles. Anti-inflammatory drugs work to relieve pinched shoulder nerves and heat is another popular way to treat the pinched nerve. Physical therapy is sometimes recommended by the doctor and in extreme cases, you may need surgery to relieve the pinched nerve.


A pinched nerve is painful and frustrating but with adequate treatment, it is possible to overcome this condition and resume your normal activities. Talk with your doctor about preventing pinched nerves in your shoulder and you can also talk with those who have experienced it and get suggestions from them.