subscapularis tear

Rotator cuff” is the phrase used in describing the muscles and tendons which stabilize, support and allow the easy up and down movement of the arm, as well as rotate. One of the four muscles is the subscapularis, and this is the big muscle near the front of your shoulder. Your subscapularis muscle is also the strongest of the rotator cuff muscles and the purpose of this muscle is to assist you in moving your arms and using the arms to lift heavy objects or do other activities involving the arms and chest. The subscapularis tear is not very common but it happens occasionally. Someone who is diagnosed with a subscapularis tear may experience pain in his front shoulder and it becomes difficult to do everyday tasks that involve the front shoulder and arms. The doctor may recommend physical therapy or surgery.

Causes of Subscapularis Tear

One cause of a subscapularistear is the aging process, particularly for those who are older and at high risk of getting osteoporosis or osteoarthritis. If you had rheumatoid arthritis for many years and shoulder problems, there is a chance that this is the reason you have the tear. Younger persons who use their shoulder muscles heavily in sports, construction jobs, household tasks or in other high-activity endeavors may also develop the tear. This is why you do not want to overwork your shoulder muscles.

Preventing a SubscapularisTear

One way to prevent this tear is to not use your shoulders in an overhead motion excessively because this keeps the injury from occuring in your shoulder muscles. You can strengthen your shoulder muscles by doing exercises with an exercise band or by doing weightlifting exercises with medium-sized dumbbells a few times a week.

Rotator Cuff Surgery

If your subscapularis muscle is severe, then it is time to consider rotator cuff surgery since the subscapularis is one of the shoulder’s rotator cuff muscles. There are two kinds of rotator cuff surgery; the open surgery and the arthroscopic surgery. In the open surgery, the surgeon will make a cut over your shoulder’s front section and separates deltoid muscles in order to see the affected subscapularis¬†muscle. Once the surgeon does this he repairs the subscapularis. In arthroscopic surgery, the surgeon does not make deep cuts but instead uses the arthroscope.

Relieving Pain from Injured Subscapularis Muscle

One option is to place a few ice cubes inside a towel and apply the cold towel to your front shoulder because it immediately treats the pain while you try to get to your doctor for more detailed treatment of the injured subscapularis muscle. When the pain is really bad you do not want to stop using your shoulder completely because you want to massage and stretch the injured shoulder in a slow manner.

Use of Natural Remedies for Minor Rotator Cuff Problems

If you prefer natural remedies for healing your subscapularis muscles and the pain from it, there are ways to do this. A heating pad applied to the shoulder with subscapularis problems works because it relaxes painful shoulder muscles. Stretching is also a good way to cure subscapularis issues that are not severe.


Subscapularis tears are painful and it makes it difficult to do the necessary tasks on a daily basis. But with the right preventative measures and various remedies, your shoulder muscles will be restored within a period of weeks and you will feel better in the long run. You should do everything you can to prevent future tears in your shoulder’s rotator cuffs and cut back on strenuous activities while recovering from the injury.