acromionThe Acromion, or the acromion process, is a bony type structure that is located on the top of the scapula or on top of the shoulder blade. This bone pokes up from a ridge that is laid out horizontally on the upper most part of your back side, and it will come out at the peak of your shoulders, forming a sort of club shape. The Acromion process is the point of attachment for the trapezius muscles and the deltoid. This is a rough and convex surface that angles outward and upward above the joints in the shoulders.

Main Functions

One of the major functions of the acromion is to join in with the clavicle to form the AC joint. This is where the clavicle is known as a gliding joint, with a flat lateral that meets the inside border of the acromion. This will also act as an acromion process, and it will act as the site of the attachment of the muscle. The fibers of the middle of the shoulder have their origin from the lateral border of the acromion. It crosses over the shoulder joint and is inserted into the deltoid tuberosity that parts down the exterior of the humerus bone of the uppermost part of the arm. The main function of this muscle is to abduct the arm or to lift away from the body, and this is mostly due to the middle fibers. This action takes place at the joint of the shoulder, but the attachment is what provides the leverage that helps to life that arm.

The trapezius muscle is in the upper back, and it is mostly the middle fibers that attaches to the acromion process. This comes from the spinous process within the thoracic vertebrae, and the trapezius will cross over the upper back in a horizontal way and then insert into the medial margin. The function of the middle fibers is to retract the scapulae and then pull back inward. This, in turn, will then pull the arms backward at the joint of the shoulder – a movement that will begin with the shoulder blades and then end with the movement of the shoulders.

Acromion Pain

There are a lot of people that will undergo AC joint pain, and that is in the location where the shoulder blades, and the collarbones come together. It is a small area but a very important joint that will promote the flexibility of the arms and shoulders. This joint pain can occur when the shoulders suffer trauma from a fall or an immediate impact.

It can develop gradually over time due to whether or not the person has had any minor injuries, arthritis, etc. This can very well be accompanied by weakness, swelling, stiffness, etc. It will depend on the nature of the problem and how bad it is. The treatment may include different options such as physical therapy, medication or surgery. These are very common among athletes or those who are involved in high-impact sports. If it is not tended to at an earlier stage, it could lead to arthritis.