Shoulder muscles form part of what comprises a human shoulder in addition to the three main bones, the humerus simply known as the upper arm bone, the scapula or shoulder blade and the clavicle also known as the collarbone and others. The importance of shoulder muscles in developing a well-rounded physique cannot be ignored as well as moving the arm in many different directions. Deltoid muscles are the strongest and largest muscles in the shoulder.  Deltoid muscles link the chest and the arm. The muscles are divided into three main groups: superficial muscles, which are extrinsic, deep muscles, intrinsic, and muscles of the shoulder and arm.

shoulder muscles

The Shoulder blade and collarbone are connected to the trunk by shoulder muscles as well or connecting to the top of the upper arm bone the shoulder blade and body wall.  There are four muscles that make up the rotator cuff. The Subscapularis, an anterior muscle, rotates the shoulder internally.  The Supraspinatus is used to abduct the arm. The infraspinatus externally rotates the arm. The Teres minor muscles externally rotates the shoulder in abduction. It might be hard to remember the names but what is important is to know that they play a big role in the movement of your arm.

Shoulder muscles pain are caused by muscle strain. One can strain their muscles by awkward positions and posture. The shoulder should always be kept down and relaxed while sitting or standing. Long periods of raising the shoulder for example, when typing driving or carrying a handbag and slouching can strain your muscles. One should also avoid stress because it triggers the body to release stress hormones making the muscles contract, thus causing stiffness and pain. The treatment of muscle pain involves one or a combination of the following. Medication used to reduce pain and inflammation or to relax the muscles. Application of Heat or cold used to relieve pain by increasing blood flow and numbing pain respectively. Massage therapy to stretch muscles, relieve pain, reduce production of stress hormones and increase blood flow. Shoulder exercises to relieve pain, stiffness and increase blood flow. The exercises also increase shoulder muscle endurance.  Caution should be taken when taking painkillers as the only treatment for muscle pain since they do not treat the problem but rather cover it up.

There are numerous exercises that one can use when building shoulder muscles. They can be done either at home, work or under instruction in the gym. The importance of building muscle is not only associated with the outward physique look but one also needs to know it helps the shoulder to be able to handle stress. Many of our daily activities are highly reliant on the shoulder  such as house chores, manual labor and handling children.