Best Exercises to Deal with a Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement condition is caused by tightening of tendons of coracoacromial ligament and the subacromial bursa. People who do work that require constant outstretching upwards are prone to impingement and soreness. This condition may become persistent and distract one from doing the normal day to day activities. When the condition is never ending it could lead to bursitis, rotator cuff and weakening of arm muscles. In order, to correct this problem well planned shoulder impingement exercises need to be performed constantly. The exercises include those of stretching and strengthening of the shoulder muscles as well as avoiding strenuous work especially lifting objects upwards.

shoulder impingement exercises

Exercises should include lifting light objects and around the body. Swimming should be done sidestroke or breaststroke and throwing of ball underhand or sidearm to restrict too much strain. It is good to avoid playing overhead tennis or volleyball until the recovery has occurred. It is also very important to keep a good posture while sitting, writing, assembly work and so on. It is recommended to keep away from arm sling as this may cause a frozen shoulder in the long run. Other recommendations include using of ice to bring down the inflammation. Use of pain relieve medicine is also recommended when need be.

Proper range-of-Motion (ROM) is recommended during the beginning of treatment. They allow one to achieve mobility and flexibility of shoulder muscles. These ROM exercises are supposed to be pain free and if you feel any pain while doing them it is best to stop and consult with a physician. Weighted pendulum stretch is done by stretching gently to excerpt pressure from the tendons. This exercise will be able to prevent a stiff shoulder and it is a good exercise to do at the beginning of treatment. The exercise involves stretching of ares, swing hands side by side and bending while stretching the hands.

The other exercises are muscle-strengthening exercises which are necessary for shoulder vigor in order to avoid more injury. These kinds of exercises are best done a few weeks after the pendulum exercises have been done. Anti inflammatory medication or steroid injection should be administered before the exercises begin. The exercises should increase with time both in length and the difficulty of the exercises. In some cases, one may find some soreness on the shoulder. When one encounters sharp pain it is good to stop for several days then continue the exercises.

Scapular squeezes involve lying on the back while knees bent and arms are stretched away from the body. It is good to keep the neck relaxed and squeeze the shoulders outwards. These impingement exercises will help to keep the muscles strong leading to recovery. The outward rotation exercise will require one to keep the elbows at 90 degrees along the side of your body and putting a towel below the torso. There should be no pain whatsoever. Use a rubber band to rotate outward for a few seconds.