Shoulder Ligaments

The human body is one perfect machine consisting of bones and muscles. The muscles connect all the bones to each other. The bones, the muscles, and the joints help in producing different movements in the human body. However, sometimes injuries occur or diseases attack the bones and muscles, and can cause some movement problems and pain. Ligaments are tissues structures and they connect the bones. In this article, we will discuss the shoulder ligaments and problems that can occur. In addition, the anatomy of the shoulder will be described, so that everyone will be aware of the problems and prevent the development of further complications to the shoulder.

shoulder ligaments

What are shoulder ligaments?

Shoulder ligaments are soft tissues that connect the bones in the shoulder. There are many types of ligaments on the shoulder.The Glenohumerical ligaments are actually the ones that provide the stability of the shoulder. They can be divided in three subtypes. The first is the superior, the second is the middle, and the third is the inferior glenohumerical ligament. As we said, their main task is to keep the shoulder from dislocating and keep it in its regular position. The second ligament is the Coraco-acromial ligament. It is the link between the coracoid and the acromion. The next type of ligaments that are found in the shoulder is the Coraco-clavicural ligament. There are two subtypes of this ligament, and they are the trapezoid and the conoid. Their task is to attach the clavicle to the scapula, which gives the shoulder a square form. The last type is the transverse humeral ligament, which holds the tendon of the biceps brachial muscle’s long head between the greater and lesser tubercle of the humerus. Knowing the anatomy of the shoulder can help you in defining the pain or some other problem, so you can act quickly and ask for help.


Anyone can have shoulder ligaments problems. The shoulder is one of the most used joints in the body, especially if you do sports. It can be developed by men, women, and children. It mainly comes from too much activity on the shoulder. When the shoulder is used, the ligaments that surround and connect the bones stretch and thus provide the movement. They are vulnerable to stretching, because it is not their natural position. If they are stretched constantly, they can snap or tear and then problems begin. The pain is severe and not everyone can stand it. The arm and shoulder is loose and cannot function properly. Asking for medical care is necessary and the most important thing is that you cannot do anything on your own to heal the ligament. Medical care by experienced professionals is inevitable, because it depends on the condition of the ligament. If it is torn apart, surgery is the only solution. That is up to the doctor to decide, when he or she gives you examines your sore shoulder.

Physical therapy after Surgery

After surgery, doctors recommend physical therapy because the arm and ligaments should be exercised and get back in form. The best solution is to perform physical therapy or do your own home exercises.