Shoulder nerve pain is caused by an injury of the axillary muscles around the shoulder. The injury can be a fracture of the shoulder or a dislocation of shoulder muscles. The pain can also be caused by prolonged use of the shoulder without rest. Patients who use crutches over long periods of time in the wrong way may be susceptible to shoulder nerve damage. The damage on the shoulder should be treated appropriately depending on how the injury was caused. Some type of injuries are minor and do not require so much treatment but others are severe and they need vigorous treatment plus therapy to fully recuperate.


shoulder nerve pain

The symptoms may include numbness of the shoulder, which may go all the way to the arm. There is also weakness of the shoulder and one may not be able to use their arm properly. It becomes very difficult to lift any objects with the arm of the affected shoulder. Shoulder nerve damage restricts the mobility of the arm either upwards or even downwards. The shoulder may become painful especially when one tries to use the arm to do any kind of work. In extreme cases, such as Parsonage–Turner Syndrome, the shoulder nerves may be permanently damaged thus leading to shoulder paralyses.


In most cases, nerve pain can be treated easily through taking enough rest and ensuring you protect yourself from further harm. This means avoiding strenuous work so that the muscles can relax. It is good to sleep on your back using pillows under the arm for better support. It is also possible to use a pillow under the stomach as this will help the back remain straight. A doctor may prescribe medicines to relieve the pain and assist in quick recovery. However, when shoulder nerves are severely painful other treatment is recommended. Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed and physical therapy started. A shoulder massage may be included in the treatment.


Some of the exercises to deal with pain include using a good posture. Carrying of objects the right way is important to solve the problem. The body weight may be putting too much pressure on the spinal nerves. It is advisable for such people to lose weight. It is good to attempt some seated exercises to help strengthen the shoulder. One may also lie on the floor and try moving the shoulders back and forth slowly. Standing exercises can be done by stretching the arms upwards and leaving it this way for several seconds.

It is good to massage your shoulders with warm water often to relieve the pain. Use the medications prescribed by a doctor and do the exercises daily to help recover fast. If the ache persists, it is good to consult further with the doctor to check for any more damage. If the condition is healed it is good to continue with the exercises when possible to ensure it does not re-occur. You also have to maintain good posture all the time.