shoulder rehabilitation

Like any injury, shoulder injuries can be painful, serious and sometimes you are even required to undergo a surgical procedure. Usually if you notice that something is wrong early enough, surgery can be avoided. The bad news is that shoulder injuries have the tendency to come suddenly instead of slowly. The most affected groups of people are the ones who are doing jobs which require repetitive and excessive shoulder movements, or people who do such sports as tennis, baseball, swimming, weight lifting, pitching etc. The most common types of shoulder injuries include separations, dislocations, torn rotator cuffs, sprains, fractures, and strains. All of these injuries require proper care and some of them require surgery. After the injury and surgery, it’s mandatory do to some shoulder rehabilitation exercises in order to get your shoulder back on track.


If you suffered a shoulder injury, you have to know how to treat one. The most common treatment of such an injury can be described with the term RICE. This term stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Of course, if you are in pain, you should take pain medicine. After the pain and swelling disappear, you should undergo shoulder rehabilitation. This includes various exercises that will strengthen your shoulder muscles and give the shoulder back its former strength and rotation angles.


If you suffered a shoulder injury, no matter if it required a surgical procedure or not, it’s important to do shoulder rehabilitation exercises to strengthen your shoulder. The most common exercises you can do are shoulder rotations and shoulder shrugs. This will help improve the range of the motion you can do with your shoulder. Another exercise that will help your shoulder includes pulling elastic bands or tubes. You have to fixate the elastic tube to a static object and pull it with your injured arm up and towards your body. All these exercises will make your shoulder more stable.

How long do I have to do these shoulder rehabilitation exercises?

This depends on the type of injury you suffered, as some are more serious than others are. Of course, if you had to go to surgery too, your recovery will definitely take longer. Your orthopaedic surgeon will know best, and will tell you what exercises you need to perform and how long you will have to perform them. It usually takes several months for your shoulder to heal properly. The length of the rehabilitation also depends on how your shoulder responds to the exercises. The worst thing you can do is give up and refuse to do the exercises, as this will limit your shoulder rotation and strength, resulting in inability to play your favorite sports or do your job properly. Even if it’s painful, frustrating and it takes forever, you will see that it’s nothing in comparison to a fully healed and healthy shoulder which will not limit you in any way. You know what they say: no pain, no gain.