We have all experienced some shoulder stress and tensions at some time because of our active and/or stressful lives. If you didn’t know this by now, we will tell you the good news – if you do some simple shoulder stretches, the tension and stress will be part of ancient history sooner than you can imagine. In this article we will show you how to get relief from shoulder stress and tension with shoulder stretches and you will notice you feel better right away. You can even do the stretches while reading this article, so let’s start stretching and have some fun while reading!

shoulder stretches

Shoulder stretches – part one

Let’s start with some basic information. The first ting they can do for yourself is to keep your shoulders very flexible. To start, you should lift your arm across and hold it with your other arm. You should hold it like this for about half a minute, and do not forget to switch arms and to repeat all this. Another thing you will need is a towel. Hold it with your hands by its ends, put it like that behind your back and start pulling it with one hand up, and other hand down. Do this for a half a minute, than repeat it with switched hands. Your shoulders already feel better, right?

Shoulder stretches – part two

Now it is time for some new shoulder stretches, as doing only the two exercises we described above would be too dull. As for our next exercise, you should interlock your fingers behind your back and try to bend your elbows. Do not forget to straighten your neck and relax. Now try to straighten your elbows gently and try to stretch in front of your shoulders. You can do this for a few moments only; you do not have to do it for longer periods of time. The next exercise  that we would recommend is for relaxing the shoulders. You should stand straight and start bringing your shoulders to your ears and keep them this way while counting to three. When done, drop your shoulders down and relax. We bet it feels amazing. You can repeat these if you feel like you need it.


First of all, we have to warn you that if you feel any pain while doing some of these exercises, you should stop immediately and consult your doctor. Never do any stretches that would cause you pain. Try to make these stretches as a daily routine and you might never feel that shoulder stress and tensions again. Try to do them exactly as we described in these two previous parts and for the exact time. You might do them in the mornings for a completely fresh start of the day or at any time when you feel you need it. We hope you liked our article and you have already done few while reading this article, and we hope you will never feel that awful shoulder pain, shoulder stress and tension. And even if you do, remember these shoulder stretches, do them for a few minutes and you will feel much better!