Teres Major

Teres MajorThe teres major is a major part of your upper arm and shoulder area and is located on the back of the upper shoulder. This muscle also extends to the middle part of the arm that connects to the shoulder. The main purpose of the muscle is to assist you in the movement of your upper arms and shoulders and it helps you rotate your upper arm while moving it.

The teres major is also responsible for the extension of your upper arms. One common injury is a tear and this comes from excess pressure on the upper arm and shoulder. Another injury that can occur is a strain.  This could happen from overuse of the upper arm muscles or not warming up before exercising.

 Injury Symptoms

Severe pain is a common symptom of an injury. Other symptoms include swelling, loss of flexibility, difficulty in moving the upper arms and shoulders, spasms, fever, and irritability. If you sense these symptoms you need to see the doctor right away. The most common treatment is to apply ice to the body, get adequate rest, putting slight pressure on the injured area, and elevating the injured limb.


One way to still exercise with an injury is to do a lot of stretching since this is a low-intensity exercise that will strengthen your upper arm and shoulder muscles. Talk with your doctor and get recommendations on which workouts would work the best for your condition. Brisk walking or swimming are good exercises that do not put much pressure on your rotator cuff.


To do the external rotation stretch, you would lie face up with your elbow bent and your arm stretched out to the side at a 90-degree angle. Let another person hold your upper arm to the floor and then back to your body. To do the seated side stretch, you want to sit with your legs crossed with your right hand behind your back with the arm straight and the left arm upwards, then do the stretches by leaning to the sides repeatedly for 15 minutes.


A teres major injury can cause temporary pain, immobility, and frustration. But when you receive proper nutrition, and you always take care of yourself with natural remedies, it is possible to recover quickly. Prevent future injuries by not putting too much pressure on your upper arms and shoulders. If you sense that you are straining your muscles, stop the activity immediately. Look for ways you can heal from the injury with supplements and eating certain foods by reading health magazines. Finally, get plenty of rest to heal from the injury.